Practical Philosophy And Conversational Counseling

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Practical Philosophy and Conversational Counseling For the past 5 years the writer, on a volunteer and informal basis has been given access to clients of a Homeless Shelter, Veterans Residential Center and Addiction Treatment Center in Phoenix, Arizona. At these locations the writer has conducted individual and group weekly sessions with an emphasis on the abuse of alcohol and drugs utilizing Practical Philosophy and Conversational Counseling to supplement meditation sessions. Group size averages around 10 participants. In order to compare effectiveness of Practical Philosophy and Conversational Counseling with participants who have no known current diagnosis of alcohol and/or drug abuse, the writer has during the same period conducted a group comprised of successful business men and women also in Phoenix, Arizona meeting on a weekly basis. Additionally, one time per month an Open Meditation group is held, open to all. Up to 20 individuals attend this group. Individuals and participants in all three group categories respond favorably to the experience of supplementing meditation with Practical Philosophy and Conversational Counseling. Particularly appreciated is the opportunity to share personal reflections of the meditative experience together with discussions on matters that are personally relevant to them arising from Practical Philosophy. This helps to establish deeper levels of knowledge within each participant. In addition to the individual benefit of these sessions,
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