Practical Skills Assessment

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Students are measured constantly regarding their retention ability while in the classroom. Most of the time, the measurement tool is a written exam, an oral report, or a presentation. Although these are ways for a student to prove they have achieved mastery of the information, these tools are not considered reliable To be considered a reliable assessment tool, there needs to be consistency. The same exam given to the same student a second time should show the same result. Therefore, the exam is able to confirm the aimed measurement of degree that the student has shown in mastering the material. As in bowling, a bowler who has mastered the skills will have a consistent average each game, with the allotment of variation due to extraneous factors not associated with the bowlers mastery, such as lane conditions or faulty pins. A reliable exam will also produce similar results from different students who have…show more content…
Although there is no absolute direct way to accomplish many of the skills the emergency medical provider is tasked with on a daily basis, the testing of these skills is sometimes difficult. We are taught specific ways to do skills in the classroom, but as long as the goal is achieved without injury to the patient, the student will be successful in the testing session. This is why during the practical skills exams, the evaluators must be given clear directions and behavior anchors, as in the behavior the evaluator is requiring the student to show on a rated scale. Evaluators need to understand that although the skill was not done possibly the way the evaluator would do it, but if the ultimate goal was reach, the skill was successful. Practical skills exam stations should have more than one evaluator at all times. This gives a team effort for evaluating the candidate, especially with so many skills and points to be assessed, avoiding any inaccuracy by the
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