John Adair's Three Types Of Leadership Theories

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Practice 3 Management and employee cooperation are very important to the organization. The relationship that is fostered constructed through leadership theories may not work in all environments which are why the managers must use a style that works for the manager and the employee. The style that is used must foster a workplace environment that builds teamwork and build on the management of the team. Three theories of leadership that may be used are transactional, transformation, and contingency. The use of the proper style may be interrelated with team building theories such as Tuckman’s, John Adairs action centered, or Strength Deployment Inventory theory.
Leadership theories and team building theories can give assistance to each
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The leader may use motivational tools such as awards when goals are meet. An issue with the transactional theory is the style of leadership does not push an employee to do more than what is required. According to Taylor, Cornelius, and Colvin, (2014), transactional leadership does little to enhance commitment without reward. Adair’s three circle focuses on the task and people by the manager can assist in converting team members to do more. According to Braun, Michel, and Martz (2012), the attitudes and behaviors of the group can increase the group’s efficacy, the group’s perceptions, beliefs, and norms.
Transformational Theories allows for the leader and follower to build off each other. According to Taylor, Cornelius, and Colvin (2014) this type of leadership in and organization assisted in making the organization for effective. The follower’s of a leader that uses a transformational leadership style has shown and increase in performance. The leader is proactive in this type of leadership and is looking for new ways to make the organization better. This is done by motivating the employees to reach their goals and the goals of the organization. In the end, the transformational leader will motivate an individual in such a way that they will push pass their individual limits for the good of the group and
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