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Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’ and the contemporary appropriation of a film ‘O’ by Tim Blake Nelson are based on the societal values and morals of their time. Issues such as racism, the use of language and deception are timeless making them evident throughout both contexts, hence the engagements in both textual forms.
Differing contexts convey concerns in different ways through the use of diverse techniques. For example ‘Othello’ is a play which uses props, stage positioning and lighting compared to ‘O’ a film using camera angles, technology and music. This develops a sense of timelessness as issues relevant in the Elizabethan era still being relevant in our present day. Both texts are created due to the values of their era, allowing the
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Nelson has incorporated ‘rap’ music into the film, to highlight the change in time. Opinions of a white society are still similar to those of the Elizabethan era, casting ‘niggas’ as outsiders but is expressed differently. Rap music was founded by the ‘blacks’ as it originated from their culture. Words such as ‘black’ and ‘nigga’ are used in rap music portraying society’s views. This is why Nelson thought rap music would be appropriate to emphasise the racism throughout the film. Compared to the opening and closing scenes, ‘playing’ opera music. The serenity and peacefulness of opera music implies a sense of purity that a white society believes to portray. The adaption to the audience shows the engagement between both contexts as well as reflecting on their differences.
A similarity of both contexts is the deception presented throughout both. Deception being significant issue relevant to both eras, it is outlined throughout both contexts as a large contributor to the moral of the storyline. The deception of ‘Othello’ through Iago’s actions is the reasoning of the issues of jealousy and causing outcomes of rage and evidently death. “I am glad of this: for now I shall have reason to show the love and duty that I bear you.” (Iago) The use of words portray sarcasm as Iago leads Othello to believe that he is a good friend for coming to him with his suspicions. The stage

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