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The Mayo Clinic Model of Care (MCMC) is the professional practice model of care chosen for this assignment. The Mayo Clinic drives healthcare change by providing holistic and compassionate care to their patients by using education, research, patient-centered care and evidence-based practice. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the MCMC and how this model of care is a positive influence to healthcare. A professional practice model (PPM) is implemented in healthcare organizations to foster professional identity, job satisfaction, high quality nursing care, improved patient and family outcomes and communication (Mullen and Asher, 2007). The Mayo Clinic Model of Care is one PPM with a positive and influential reputation…show more content…
The patient-centered care focus is also evolving in the health care industry and was actually developed as a model to the response of the national health care reform following the March 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (Berryman, Palmer, Kohl and Parham, 2013). This idea allows the patient to have more control over their care, be more involved in their care and the diagnostic tests they receive. This results in enhanced satisfaction and greater cost savings. MCMC wants to focus on the big picture and the entire healthcare journey which engages both the physician and the patient on the decision making. Summary The Mayo Clinic Model of Care has served as an influence and inspiration to the healthcare organization for many years. The care and patient satisfaction from the Mayo Clinic has historically been one of the best available. Many healthcare organizations follow the MCMC and reach for the reputation and quality that it poses. The MCMC takes pride in its organization and makes the patient top priority in every aspect. The care they receive is specific to their needs and is delivered by highly skilled, educated professionals. References Berryman, S. N. Palmer, S. P. Kohl, J. E. Parham, J. S. (2013). Medical home model
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