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EXXONMOBIL OPERATIONS SELECTION BATTERY PRACTICE TEST This practice test gives you an opportunity to respond to the types of questions contained in the ExxonMobil Operations Pre-employment Selection Battery. The test battery is made up of five tests. Each test measures a different ability, or set of skills, that has been shown to be necessary to perform ExxonMobil Operations jobs. All of the tests contain multiple-choice questions, with four response options, labeled A, B, C, and D. The correct answers are provided on the last page for you to check your answers. When you attend the test session, you will mark your answers on a separate answer sheet. Brief descriptions of the five tests and sample questions…show more content…
You have been asked to bid on a project to paint a structure and you have the following information: I. The structure is outside. II. The structure is rectangular. III. The length of the front and back walls is 30 feet. IV. The height of the front wall is 20 feet. V. The height of the side walls is 20 feet. VI. The height of the back wall is 10 feet. VII. It has been 10 years since the structure has been painted. 2. What additional information would you need before you bid on the project? a. The cost of exterior paint per gallon. b. The number of square feet that can be covered by one gallon of exterior paint. c. The length of the side walls. d. All of the above. Checking/Data Accuracy This is a test of your ability to locate information and identify data accurately. The test contains a number of graphs and tables that present detailed information. Each is followed by one or more questions that can be answered by identifying the correct information in the graph or table. Catalog Number Length (feet) Wiring Strand Diameter (inches) Insulation Inner Diameter (inches) Outer Diameter (inches) 2314377 14 .113 .113 .131 2314397 14 .116 .116 .131 2313497 14 .114 .114 .130 2313974 20 .113 .113 .129 2319349 20 .115 .115 .127 2393439 20

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