Practice for Contents of Innovation Management

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Answers 1. a 6. a 11. c 16. b 2. a 7. b 12. d 17 a 3. b 8. b 13. c 18 c 4. b 9. b 14. c 19 b 5. a 10. d 15. b 20 d 1. As a result of the rapid pace of innovation, the time between a product’s introduction and its withdrawal from the market a. has become shorter. 2. The relationship between speed of innovation and product obsolescence is a. direct (as innovation speed increases, products become obsolete more quickly). 3. The ______ of an economy is its total annual output, measured by final purchase price. b. gross domestic product 4. If you were the director of R&D at a large pharmaceutical company, how might you apply the…show more content…
b. installed base 20. If a company is able to lock in its technology as the dominant design of the market, it d. will suffer due to near-monopoly rents it must

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