Practices in Project Management: The St. Dismas Medical Center

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Practices in Project Management
MSPM 6102
April 25, 2014
The St. Dismas Medical Center (SDMC) Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Project was authorized to create a new service line to counteract a decline of inpatient activity. The project objectives are to build 100 light- and heavy-assist units in a standalone residential facility with a sheltered connection to SDMC by late-July 2001 and within an $11 million budget.
The particular deliverables, constraints, assumptions, exclusions, and work breakdown structure are outlined in the Project Scope Statement. Brainstorming and scenario analysis will be used in the risk strategy, while cost-benefit analysis will be the primary tool in project quality management. A
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Assumptions and Constraints
The following is assumed:
Project funds will be released in a timely manner.
Project team members and resources will be available as needed.
Contractors will have the skills and experience needed to complete the project.
The constraints are as follows:
The construction cannot begin until after the November 1999 city elections.
The facility needs to open by late July 2001.
Operational and administrative policies, procedures, and systems need to be created and regulations and standards need identification.
High-Level Risks As with all projects, there is a risk of running over budget, over schedule, and/or falling short on scope. There are several high-level risks for the ALF project. One particular area of concern was the short seven-month time period for the complex construction project, but that has been extended about another year. Further, the organizational complexity is high with the number of people involved across many functions and the decision-making body being the Board of Trustees. This complexity may lead to delays in decision-making.
The project is also much larger than SDMC has handled in the past with only one team member having construction experience. The operational and administrative regulations and standards for construction and healthcare industries will be complex and have not yet been identified. Construction projects have a strong potential to impact
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