Practicum Action Inquiry: Budget Cuts and Education in the State of Texas

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Action Inquiry Statement of the Problem The continuous budget updates and budget cuts that the state of Texas continues doing it has created that the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD (2014) has declare state of exigency in order to continue managing the district. Throughout the district many cuts had being made by the district affecting from personnel, resources, and teacher allotments to mention some. In L.A. Gililland Elementary School (2014) the administrator has to manage her allotment budget to serve the high volume of low socioeconomic students and a high demographics of Bilingual students and get created and look for other resources that will assist teachers with the current teacher allotment and to supply resources for the school.…show more content…
What are the benefits and sharing and collaborating to obtain resources? Research Questions/Hypotheses Questions: How could the administrator assist the personnel to obtain free or low cost resources for a classroom usage? - How often the administrator has to collaborate with the teachers to identify the needs? - What other sources an administrator could provide to the staff while dealing with budget cuts? - How the administrator and teachers will ensure that they have all what they need to ensure the students success? - What training will be beneficial for teachers to use optional resources? Hypothesis: 95% of the teachers will understand how and where to look for resources to maximize their yearly allotment and the use of the current resources. Importance or Significance of the Study The transitions in programs that the school received constantly, the new regulations that the State implements, are caused that the teachers and administrators lack of knowledge in protocols or by laws if an update trainings are not implemented. In order to comply in a better manner in all the educational legal framework, it is imperative that the school take action instructing the teachers in all the updates. Teacher just followed what the administrator instruct them without knowing the implications of those actions and the protocols to follow. Training the staff in the bylaws should be part of the Staff developments and PLC’s discussions. Topics in the

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