Practicum Evaluation: Orlando Children's Clinic

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Practicum Evaluation Summary Paper Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The analysis of the HCAHPS scores in relation to the medication communication reflects on the succession planning that involves managers and staffing. This is with the incorporation of a clarified vision with a strategic plan (Buerhaus, 2000). The succession planning for the respective key personnel is significant in business strategy to assist the healthcare organization in handling effectively its future. In consideration of the current chaotic healthcare environment, development and growth of the nursing staff is significant to the maintenance of the quality outcomes. The use of patient satisfaction to form the basis of reimbursement with financial, political and philosophical implications involves the HCAHPS to help with the improvements on healthcare quality services provided to patients (Buerhaus, 2000). The principal organizations must endorse the idea of planning for the fewer managers, employees, shared decision making, greater decentralization, expanded practice, diminished support resources, and the brand delivery models. The respective hospital administrators should also consider endorsing the placement of monetary value to patient satisfaction. The nursing leaders in every level, in the respective organization, must consider managing basing on the evidence-based principles of management. The aspect of meeting the challenge involves the succession planning that

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