Practicum Experience

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My initial reaction when I was informed of my practicum posting. Frankly speaking, when I was first informed of my practicum posting, I was really excited and eager to do my practicum. I started to think on how I am going to introduce myself when I first entered the class, what am I going to wear, would I be serious enough in front of my students, how is the school, the teachers, and most importantly, the students. Despite the excitement, I would not deny that I had a mixed- feeling on that. I was afraid if my students could not accept their new temporary English teacher, and how their reactions would be when I teach, since obviously, I had no experiences whatsoever in teaching. I was also curious on what would be their first…show more content…
My students love group-work activities, which is great as proven by their co-operation and I just love to see that they were able to get along very well. 5. How I planned my English lessons. Apparently, theories and practical seem to bring a lot of differences especially, when you were asked by one of your students, “teacher, what is hat?” even if the fact that they are already in Form 4. Planning a lesson for me is the toughest challenge of all, as our lesson would determine how far students may benefit and how our teaching would help them to be better English learners. When it comes to planning a lesson, I sometimes would spend the whole day thinking of what activities might suit my students’ proficiency level and definitely, how to make my lesson fun and stress-free. My first 2 weeks in teaching was a nightmare as I was still looking for the activities that would cater to the students’ level and what’s more, my students seemed confused and blur every time I was doing the activities that actually were not connected at all. Planning a lesson include knowing what you want your students to know and what you want to achieve rather than what students want to know. However, I learnt that somehow we need to do activities that could capture students’ attention and involves their participation. 6. Which language skill/ skills do I find easier to teach. Why? From my experience, I think the easiest language skill to teach is reading, if compared to the other
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