Practicum In Conflict Mediation Reflection Paper

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This semester, I took the required Practicum in Conflict Mediation course for my connecting experience. By taking this course, I became equipped with the necessary knowledge to help disputants talk through their conflicts to find a solution that they could agree on. I found that by giving individuals the opportunity to find what works best for them, they were more willing to cooperate in reaching solutions. Rather than instructing disputants on how to resolve their issues, the mediation process allows them to feel that they have an influence in how they move forward. Not only was I more prepared to work with others to resolve their conflicts, but I found myself using some of the strategies in my day-to-day life. In addition, I was also trained to facilitate dialogue in larger settings which involved gathering ideas and solutions from groups rather than individual cases. This experience allowed me to see how individuals are willing to come together to create solutions for the conflicts that affect their lives, whether they be interpersonal or in larger scales.
Towards the end of the course, our class held a facilitation for participants to discuss mental health issues on campus and how the university can better provide for its participants. We posed the question “What is keeping students from living a life that is mentally healthy?” and through various activities and conversations, found answers to this question. Following our event, we used the issues and ideas gathered to
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