Practicum Report in Microtel

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Microtel Hotels and Resorts Corp.
Amadeo Road, Javelera, General Trias,Cavite, Philippines

“In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course”

Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tour Management

“Lyceum of the Philippines University”
“College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management”
“General Trias Cavite”




Table of Contents I. Introduction a. Name and General location b. Objective/Hotel/restaurant’s Philosophy c. Ownership/Management d. Organizational chart e. Facilities name and type f. Outstanding characteristics of the establishment II.
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An individual in this job may hire or screen and train staff members, assign them tasks and inspect their work. He may also buy and maintain housekeeping equipment and supplies. Duties include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming. The housekeeper is one who is responsible for administering housekeeping maintenance and for insuring that everything is in order and that all occupants are made comfortable, safe, and protected from disease-causing bacteria. Housekeeping usually covers the following areas: Guest rooms Hallways and corridors Lobby Public rooms and restaurants Offices Stairways Windows Stores, concessionaire shops Grounds Linen and laundry area. To perform his job well, there are many skills an aspiring housekeeping manager must have. Among them are communication, time-management, and training skills. A person in this field must also be able to motivate others to perform well in their jobs and maybe even develop new skills. A housekeeping manager needs the focusing ability to remain on course, adhering to a schedule when necessary, as well as the flexibility to change directions when circumstances require adjustment. He should also be detail oriented and capable of multitasking; math skills can be helpful as well.

a. Areas of Concern: Status and
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