Practitioner Interview Synopsis On The University Of Science And Technology

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Daoda Socrates Carlon
AOD 4396: Field Research Sec. 701
12 March 2015 Practitioner Interview Synopsis Paper As one of the 18 schools and colleges at Temple University, the College of Science and Technology (CST) serves over 4,000 students and strives to offer the best services for their academic achievements. These services include, but are not limited to, peer advising, student professional development, one-on-one mentoring program, Math and Science tutoring, and professional students clubs and organizations. In addition to providing these services to students, CST also institutes a new program that involves periodic follow-up from undergraduate students in making sure that they graduate within four years. This four-year program is optional and is commonly called Fly-in-four. CST has been one of the fastest growing colleges at Temple since its separation from the College of Liberal Arts. At CST, students are given the opportunity to work side-by-side; an effort gear toward enabling students to learn from their peers in professional researchers in their labs. The college has received external funding, which has doubled its budget since 2007, and led to new opportunities for research. As such, it is evident that one of the fundamental goals of the CST is to ensure that students receive the best services and advice needed to succeed in college. Just recent the college built its Science Education and Research building Center (one the most advanced science facilities on

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