Practitioners, Prognosticators, And Specialist

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Preachers, especially today are to be Practitioners, Prognosticators, and Specialist. This is a high calling that demands a special attention to detail as well as an ability to look, perceive, and explore, while being grounded within particularities, and remaining singular in scope. I’ll explain: PRACTICITIONER A Practitioner is someone who is engaged in a particular area of study, discipline, and practice, usually found in the religious, arts, or medical fields. It is a person who practices his or her profession on a regular basis and has expertise in their occupation. People come to practitioners expecting them to have answers and experience. As preachers of the gospel we need to know, understand, relate, and diagnose the malaise of humanity…show more content…
The definition of Prognosticator is to be able to predict the future, to see ahead, evaluate where things are headed, and to foretell in order to forthtell. We could think of weatherman and prophets rolled up in one. As preachers we need to discern the storms and seasons ahead of time in order to prepare the ones who listen and follow us into safety and shelter. To be able to look ahead and see with clarity the direction a person, a family, a church, a community, a city, a nation, and the world is headed is not only vitally important, but a necessary part of the call. Prognosticators can foresee by observation where something will go if certain things are not put into practice. The ability to discern a congregation for example, is to look past the emotional haze of the crowd, and see what lay on the horizon of reality, then call the shots and charge ahead. For a preacher to read his times and have the times eventually read the preacher, he or she will need to foresee all possible outcomes and directions the times are going, and give direction to avoid costly mistakes and to achieve desirable results. Preachers are to look to the word, look ahead by the Spirit, make observations, and offer practical application to what they foresee—do this with one eye on the word and the other on the…show more content…
Our churches need these gifts operating in order to operate at optimum capacities in our cities. Too often, our churches are just getting by because of such passive, non-responsive, un-productive preachers who are stuck in ruts of complacency. It is never too late to learn, grow, and engage, the time is now. If you are just coming into the ministry, devote yourself to becoming the most useful you can be to the whole body and to the localized
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