Prada And The Postman Dreams

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Fashion has been always worked in a close cooperation with cinematograph. Fashion industry uses advertisements, commercials and films in order to successfully promote the products. Fashion films are widely used among modern fashion brands as this type of promotion allows the consumer to look at the product from different angles. Through color, sound and images used in the film the potential purchaser is able to smell, ‘touch’, taste and feel the product. As well as other fashion brands Prada uses fashion films to advertise its products. Prada is a luxury brand with innovative ideas and approaches. It is able to set the new trends by redefining the norms. The brand has used short films since 2005 when its first movie “Thunder Perfect Mind”…show more content…
The main characters are used as tool in order to express the main idea of the movie. The character of Postman in “The Postman Dreams” and Candy in Prada Candy short films help the consumer to get an idea of how the advertised products would be in a real life. The character of Candy is a young, playful, frivolous and eccentric girl who eats sweets throughout all series. Figure 1 shows the first scene of the Prada Candy film where Candy is on date eating a banana split desert. This scene is an introduction of the Candy character and it helps the viewer to get an idea of her as a person and the product in general. The pink color of her dress and the banana split desert signify childishness and carelessness to some extent. The ‘banana split’ scene tells the potential customer that it is possible to get two guys around after the purchase of Prada Candy perfume. Based on the book by ……. the “Ways of Seeing” such method makes the spectator dream about all possible situations that the advertised product could bring into their lives. The same method was also used in Prada “The postman Dreams” film in order to maximize the desire of the potential customer to own the product. In the “The Postman Dreams” series the Galleria bag was used by different characters, which gave the viewer a bigger field for imagination. However, the movie has a main character- the Postman who servers a role of a connecting element between all series. The movie director chose a postman as a main character of the film because “A postman visits hundreds of lives for 10 seconds at a time when they deliver the mail”. The postman was visiting all the dreaming worlds that were presented in the series and he was dreaming up the fantastic lives for the people he meets there. There is a parallel that can be drawn between the Galleria bag and the postman’s job. All people around the world wait

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