Prada: to Ipo or Not to Ipo: That Is the Question, Again

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The 15th Financial Case Analysis Contest Analysis Report Case Name: PRADA: TO IPO OR NOT TO IPO: THAT IS THE QUESTION, AGAIN Report Title: SWEET ARE THE USES OF IPO Team Name: WINDTRACKER DATE: 16/12/2012 Contents ABSTRACT 1 1. Macro and Industry Analysis 3 1.1 Financing Environment 3 1.1.1 International Monetary Market 3 1.1.2 International Bond Market 7 1.1.3 International Stock Market 9 1.1.4 International Private Equity Market 10 1.2 Industry Analysis 10 1.2.1 Industry Life Cycle Analysis 11 1.2.2 Five Forces Analysis 13 2. Financial Analysis and Forecasting 20 2.1 Financial Analysis 20 2.1.1 Profitability Analysis 20 2.1.2 Debt Solvency Analysis 24 2.1.3 A Close Look at Prada’s Cash…show more content…
Finally, conclusions are drawn to summarize the whole report to demonstrate you our major points. 1. Macro and Industry Analysis 1.1 Financing Environment Combined with the background given in the case, we believe that before Prada intentionally spread its financing strategy which is fit with its financial status, the international macroeconomic environment investigation is necessary. Prada, a long history Italian enterprise, has the most direct and convenient financing channels through the European finance market. In addition, the active American market and strong Asia Pacific market also shall be taken into account. Based on the above background, we looked up a large number of the 2010 international financial market data from the People's Bank of China Journal and Chinese Social Science Financial Statistics Database, and intercepted four quarters of the international financial market operation data and analysis in 2010. We try to select the best financing channels from the point of view of Prada according to these data. In the following analysis, we will show four aspects of the 2010 international macro financial markets from the international monetary market, international debt market, international stock market and international private equity market. 1.1.1

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