Prairie Ridge: The Cost Of Mandatory Physical Education

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Mandatory high school physical education tries to pawn off a healthy lifestyle on teenagers who frankly don’t care. Without mandatory physical education, students will be able to take control of their education and the costs of mandatory gym will be filtered back into the school in more purposeful ways. Prairie Ridge should offer weights, total body fitness, and cardiovascular to students as an elective who wish for that break in between academic classes.
Requiring physical education does not mean that students will be spending more time exercising. According to a study done by John Cawley at Cornell University, an additional two hundred minutes of physical education a week only increases activity levels by seven minutes (Cawley). Expecting
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Currently, with the exception of commons, physical education is the most frequently cut class and thirty-four students—a number deen Weaver says is surprisingly low—have received deen contact this semester due to cutting gym. Weaver also says that this number does not include students who have gotten their attendance taken elsewhere. Because mandatory physical education is not effectively getting students active, it drains away financial resources that can be put to better use in other parts of the school. If Prairie Ridge was to have physical education as an elective, the school would save roughly three hundred thousand dollars a year solely based on the salaries of unnecessary staff members. That money can be put into programs that enrich the lives of the students, such as career and technical classes or fine arts. Changing the curriculum of physical education from mandatory to an elective will make the school a better environment for all students, increase attendance in academic classes and the quality of the school because of a better use of…show more content…
Unfortunately, the way physical education is led at Prairie Ridge High School, students take the path of least resistance and don’t benefit from class. On a very basic level, the argument at hand is that exercise is good for students, so physical education should be mandatory. But getting nine hours of sleep every night is good for students, and neither the school nor the state is monitoring students sleeping habits. Have manageable stress and anxiety levels is good for students, so where is the forty-two minutes built into students’ schedule allowing them to take a deep breath and relax? There isn’t enough time or resources to mandate everything that is good for students. And in order for students to make the most of the time and resources available, they need to be granted the freedom to make choices about their education. That starts with eradicating mandatory
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