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Professional practice-rewards and sanctions essay The use of praise within the primary classroom I will use this essay to analyse the effective and destructive often harmful use of praise as a reward system within the primary classroom. Firstly it is important to explain what a reward system actually is in terms of a primary classroom. According to the Universal Dictionary, (1998); a reward is “something given or received in recompense for worthy behaviour”. A reward system therefore, is a system adopted by either a class teacher, adult or as a whole school ethos for the delivery of rewards for positive academic or social behaviour during the school day. From experience, the reward scheme does not have to finish at the end of the…show more content…
Furthermore, as the earlier ratios imply, reprimands can be far more damaging to a child’s self-esteem and academic confidence then even over use of praise. If reprimands are used too often this could possibly lead to children becoming disengaged with learning and also foster lack of self-belief within children. Teachers need to be consistent with their approach to praise. According to Cowley, S (2001) there are basic rules to behaviour management which includes consistency as well as others… “Be definite ‘I know what I want.’ Be aware ‘I know what will happen if I don’t get what I want.’ Be calm and consistent ‘I am always fair and consistent with you.’ Give them structure ‘I know where we’re going.’ Be positive ‘you’re doing great!’” These rules, when applied to the classroom environment along with goal setting to increase the chance for praise and performance, will give teachers the opportunity to use praise effectively to manage behavioural expectations and academic achievement within their classroom. In order to use praise effectively however, there are other considerations that the teacher must apply to each individual class, and undeniably each individual child. Conceivably the most important consideration is that children need to ‘want’ to receive praise. Without this ‘need’, praise is an ineffective reward. Potentially there are various reasons why
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