Praising Of Martyrs As A Christian

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Praising of martyrs is a means to teach followers of faith on how to model their lives after, the appraisal is to encourage unparalleled devotion to one’s faith. When one hears the word faith, they assume its definition as a belief and loyalty to God, but faith is not restricted only to one’s faith in God or in any religion. Faith can also be extended to one’s loyalty and dedication to familial roles. In addition the act of praising is also an act of memorializing the identity of a Christian or what it takes to be a Christian. The ability to declare one’s faith, “I am a Christian”, is the ultimate method of gaining the title of what makes a martyr. The goal of a martyr is to die for their faith, it is a method of honoring what it means to be a true Christian. The idea of honoring their position as a true Christian comes from Jesus proclaiming that those of faith shall follow as Jesus did in his suffering to gain eternal life and one of strong and unparalleled devotion. Through martyrdom, the martyrs are the closest to Jesus’ martyrdom, the ultimate martyr. These martyrs want to suffer for the fulfillment to live a whole and meaning life. Martyrs appear to have this selfish aura around them because their wishful thinking is to die only for God, they are dying for anyone else except for their faith, and it’s their only care in the living world. A martyr is able to obtain the title of “martyr” through the success in the confession when they are faced with the challenge of
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