Prayer: A Wrong Way To Read The Bible

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Why is developing prayer time essential? Is there a wrong way to read the Bible and why it is important necessary? Or why is it important to spend time with other believers? These are some of the questions that new believers often ask themselves as they begin their new journey as a Christian. Now, it is imperative to teach new believers, necessary tools to help them develop their faith. Moreover, instructing a new believer in the importance of communicating with God in praying, reading the Bible and spending time in Christian fellowship, because they are vital stepping stones in building a strong foundation of faith. Being taught these three things will be imperative for growing into a mature Christian. While communication is critical for any relationship to grow, learning how to communicate with God by praying is a significant tool for a new believer to grasp. Spending time with God in prayer can be a rich, rewarding experience; consequently, frequently new believers worry if they are praying right. By a believer understanding that prayer is simply a way of having a conversation with God, this can help to relieve the pressure of “getting it right.”. Also, they need to understand that there is no wrong way to pray or that prayer needs to take…show more content…
A believer should understand that the Bible is another vehicle God uses to speak to them. The Word tells us that all scripture is God-breathed. (2 Tim. 3:16) I have found that a lot of Christians grab the Bible and start reading it from the beginning; consequently, they get so far and then just give up, because it seems too hard. For new believers to get to know Jesus' story, one should encourage them to read the first four books of the New Testament. By starting with these books of the Bible first, one will begin to understand who God is and learn things to help them live a better
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