Prayer And Forgiveness

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt Prayer and forgiveness Prayer and forgiveness are very spiritual by their nature. Prayer represents our communication with God and forgiveness is a godly act even us mortals are empowered to perform. Prayer - Studies have demonstrated that sick people recover faster when people pray for them then when no one is praying for them. This holds true even when neither group knows if people are praying for them or not leading some to conclude that the power of prayer is an independent power. Some people and even a few preachers demean the ‘act’ of prayer by repeating clichés like ‘God helps those who help themselves’ or that we need to get off our knees and take…show more content…
The power is in your hands, which is right were you want it. I understand that these are apparently very spiritual principles and they may seem odd to those that don’t hold any deeply rooted spiritual beliefs. There are therapeutic benefits to prayer and forgiveness that go beyond their obvious spiritual benefits. They can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, restore relationships and maybe even lead one to a higher level of inner peace. In fact, there are 1,200 published studies in 2004 alone on the benefits of forgiveness. The foundation, A Campaign for Forgiveness Research, states that there are at least two benefits of forgiveness. One, forgiveness reduces the stress associated with the state of unforgiveness. Bitterness, anger, hostility, hatred, resentment and the fear of being humiliated again all have negative health consequences. They even can cause hormonal changes that can lead to immune suppression, heart disease and memory problems. Secondly, research shows that people with strong social networks of friends and family tend to be healthier then loners. In a sense, forgiveness means setting yourself free of your own
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