Prayer And Prayer On Healing

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Prayer healing
According to Bower, many Americans believes in intercessory prayer, however the effect of it is based on the patient believe which has been proof by anthropological studies. The author explain by using some studies on prayer on healing believe in some societies in some countries. According to the author a study conducted in Cuna community in Panama and Malay village in Malaysia have a particular believe in prayer healing as a means of a song sing by Mun, or recite a story by Bomoh (Laderman,1983) in the form of prayer respectful, for a woman in labors in times of difficulty. These communities believe that this storytelling causes the intervention of God to make give birth. However, the author pointed it that Lederman, from his studies argue that this psychological healing known as “placebo effects.” Biologically, the cervical dilation because of the response to endorphins in brain that reduces pain and anxiety leading to proper helping in easy labor, due to the believe the women have in storytelling, but God healing. The author pointed out that most people in United States during the year 2000s, were interested in voodoo. They visited the grave of Marie Lavean (voodoo queen) for help. In Navajo religion in prayer, recitation called Blessingway is done, as they believe it make the power that inhale and protect Holy people come to their aid. The author further explain that studied by Davis Winston in 1980 a new religion in Soka Gakkai, known as Mahikari (true…

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