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After every football game whether it is a win or a loss the two teams come together and pray. What do all of the fans do in those couple of moments? Nothing, they just stand there and watch. Instead of just standing there watching the teams pray the school should pick a certain player, hand him a mic, and let him pray over the intercom like they do when someone sings the National Anthem. This would bring both communities together, and be a humbling experience. Therefore, praying in public should be allowed anywhere in a public setting. Many people think that praying publicly is unconstitutional, but the reality is it’s just a way to talk to God. In Matthew 6:6 the bible says “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when …show more content…
Nonbelievers can pray to someone who they go to for help, pray to a spouse or family member; it’s the same thing just without praying to someone with the title of “God.” Given these facts the opposition should reconsider allowing public prayer anywhere. There are health studies that show that praying is good for the heart, the mind, and the soul. When a natural disaster happens like a tornado or hurricane people pray all around the country. A rescuer from the Hurricane Sandy incident was interviewing this woman who had lost everything due to the hurricane. The interviewer showed the woman a video of a Christian school praying for all the victims of the hurricane. He asked her how she felt knowing people knew and were praying for her family and community and she said “It’s indescribable how this hurricane affected me and my family, but knowing that other people from around the world are praying for us is comforting and makes us all want to be stronger.” This was done in a Christian school where you have to pray at the beginning of class, what if it was done with just a normal group of people at a park wouldn’t that be more comforting? Especially knowing that they weren’t obliged to do it, they went out of their way to pray for those victims. Another way it’s good for the mind is before a basketball game when the team prays for safety on the court and playing to the best of our abilities it makes a person feel safer. From personal experience I go through the

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