Prayer For Booby Movie By Russell Mulcahy

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Prayers for Booby movie was directed by Russell Mulcahy, and is based on the book written by Leroy F. Aarons. The book was inspired by a true story. Aarons was also the founder of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. The movie portraits the story of Bobby Griffith a young boy who is suffering of depression, as he is not able to cope with his feeling of being homosexual and the burden that is imposed by his family and society. His mother, Mary simultaneously struggles to understand what is happening to his son. Mary a Christian educated woman, daughter of a prejudiced mother towards homosexuality. As well as living in a community that religiously and socially was intolerant towards homosexuality. Therefore, she does not accept his son sexual orientation and attempts to ‘cure’ him instead. Bobby not capable of coping with everything that is happening after accepting he is gay and confessing it to his mother. Therefore, he feels guilty and out of context following a deep depression does not find other exit than suicidal. Bobby’s death triggers a series of events and changes in his mother’s life that will transform her way of thinking completely. We perceive in this movie, first the feeling of the individual and the struggle to cope with the environment. The intolerance and the prejudices imposed by society and religion. And finally, how a broken hearted mother, through her suffering and guilt for her death son, finds a way to break through her prejudices

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