Prayer, Homosexuality, And Alcohol And Drugs

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Religion vs. Secularism in Prayer, Homosexuality, and Alcohol and Drugs
The Puritans left England to be able to have the freedom of choosing their religion. Their voyage seems like a long time ago, but still today, America struggles to find the balance between religion and freedom. This paper will discuss three areas where this battle is manifested: public prayer, homosexuality, and alcohol and drugs. America today reflects the outcome of each side’s ability to make laws and the measures that were taken to achieve its goals. These laws have reshaped America.
One area of reform in reshaping America involves education, specifically the controversy of keeping or prohibiting prayer in public schools. There were two landmark cases concerning the controversy of prayer in public schools. In the first case, Engel v. Vitale (1962), the State Board of Regents that controlled the public schools in New York were worried about the diminishing of morality. As a result, they required a mandatory religious prayer every morning. This case ruled that this mandatory prayer was unconstitutional because public school employees should not be able to force religion upon students, although they could still express their religion as long as it did not affect other people. This case changed America to assert an even stronger separation of the church and state than America had in the past. In another landmark Supreme Court case, Abington School District, vs. Edward Schempp (1963), Mr. Schempp…

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