Prayer In Public School Vs. Private Schools And Public Schools

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Prayer in school is a controversial topic of today's time. There are different pros and cons when it comes to bringing religion into schools. Varying from state to state the court’s perspective has played a major role in the decision of having prayer in schools, as well as the opinions of society. Understanding that your personal opinion is not the same as everyone else's is important and others may have different point of views. The controversial topics that give examples for each position allows you to realize whether you agree or disagree. You could start out with a set opinion about it, but after reading the different sides and stories it may change your mind. There is a difference in public schools and private schools that practice prayer in school. If you sign your child up for a private school and the handbook states that they allow prayer in school, then you cannot later go against it. Public schools, on the other hand work for the government so anything they say goes. Private schools are allowed more freedom and less restriction on prayer in school. The students in a private school pay tuition, which funds the school. Private schools are known as independent schools, which means they are non governmental and not administered by local, state or national government. Students are allowed more freedom of religion and allowed to express their religious beliefs more openly(Prayer in School Pros and Cons List, NYLN).
Public schools are ran and funded by the
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