Prayer In Schools Has Been A Much Talked About Debate In

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Prayer in schools has been a much talked about debate in America over the past half-century. Conservatives, trying to regulate the religious freedoms of Americans , have tried numerous times to pass amendments that allow private student-led prayer in the classrooms(Baik, 243). Liberals, realizing that private prayer is and has always been legal, try to keep the balance between church-state separation as it is. This has kept the political issue of religion at a boil and confused many people on the actual issue of coercive school prayer. The banning of school praying is a major assurance of individual freedom and must be cultivated. The United States has long been divided on the issue of prayer in school. From the very beginning our…show more content…
Schempp , the Court ruled that there could be no teacher-led mandatory prayer in a public classroom. Later, in Engle v. Vitale, it expanded its ruling to include devotionary Bible readings. It encouraged Bible readings, however, in comparative religion classes, and the study of how the Bible has affected history and literature in each of these classes. State Supreme Courts have made a few rulings on the constitutionality of student-led prayer at voluntary school events such as ballgames and graduation ceremonies, but there has been no national outline on what practices are legal and illegal. Also, moments of silence are currently under debate, with the court ruling usually hinging on whether or not the moment is implemented to encourage prayer(ACLU). There are many practical reasons why people argue for the integration of prayer into the curriculum of public schools. The most commonly cited reason for this is that children need the moral and ethical guidance that religion taught in the classroom will provide them. While almost everyone agrees that religious indoctrination is the responsibility of the parents, since many parents are seen as neglecting the duty to sufficiently teach their children, Christianity must be taught in public schools. Prayer in school helps build every child’s morality helping them to make the right decision and better choices, it gives them exposure to other religions and promotes tolerance and understanding. It also gives children chances

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