Prayer Is A Personal Connection With God

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Prayer I believe that prayer is how we communicate with God. It is through prayer that we have intentional time to speak to him, not always out loud, but most often in our minds. Through prayer we communicate with God the hopes and desires of our heart. We thank him for what he has done and provided for us. We can also ask God for things through prayer, such as guidance or acceptance of certain situations. Packer (2007) expands models of prayer to not only a conversation, but also to a Trinitarian exercise, response, doxology, two-tone address, exertion, energy, and reward (p.101-102). Ultimately, prayer is a personal connection with God. Though we may speak to God, we may not always hear a reply, or rather a reply we wanted, back. It is through this time of one-sided communication that our faith may be tested. I believe that prayer to God, or a higher power than oneself, helps keep us sane. It keeps us in check that we are not responsible for everything and that God, or a higher power, is watching out for us. Though power is a personal connection and means of relationship with God, prayer with others is also powerful. I recently had people pray for me and over me out loud and it was one of the most powerful experiences I have had. To know that someone cares enough about you to seek the Lord for healing over you is amazing and humbling. Praying can be an awkward topic for some social workers, but in the profession I encourage clients to pray. This is open ended, as they

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