Prayer Is An Essential Discipline Of The Christian Faith

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Prayer is an essential discipline of the Christian faith. History and cultural differences show us that many people engage in many different ways and techniques to pray and communicate with God. How do you find the right way for you?

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
Having been a Christian for many years I thought that I had a fair knowledge of what it meant to pray. I was amazed and humbled by the idea that through Jesus’ restorative act on the cross I am able to come into God’s presence - and not only come but be welcomed and even longed for. I believed that prayer is a powerful tool to petition God , a vehicle to praise Him , and an instrument to increase our intimacy with Him . I understood that people pray in a variety of ways, based on the teaching they have received, their experience, and even their personality. Most commonly, I engaged in prayer as a conversation with God.

A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline
A person who was significant in articulating and exploring conversational prayer with God was a Spanish nun, St Teresa of Avila. She was a prominent teacher of prayer and became a reformer of her Catholic order in the sixteenth century . She is quoted in her book ‘The Way of Perfection’ as saying, “Speak with Him as with a Father, a Brother, a Lord and a Spouse – sometimes in one way and sometimes in another, He will teach you what you must do to please

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