Prayer Of Preparation : We Give Thanks O God

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Prayer of Preparation: We give thanks O God, of sacred stories, for the witness of the holy scriptures. Through it, you nurture our imaginations, touch our feelings, increase our awareness, and challenge our assumptions. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable in your sight, O God, our strength and our redeemer. Amen.
We find ourselves this morning exploring an experience in the life of a conniving, cheating character of the Hebrew Scriptures named Jacob. Today?s text is the culmination of all his wrestling, for Jacob has wrestled all his life. Even in the womb, Jacob wrestled with his twin brother, trying to get out into the world first. Jacob lost that wrestling match, but he won in the end by stealing his twin brother Esau?s first born blessings. However, his trickery sent Jacob on the run from Esau, who vowed to kill him.
I want to explore the idea of turning points as something disciples do. I am not suggesting it is ever about the?turning point, because in the life of any person over the course of many years, there are any number of turning points.?But in the early books of our Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, there is a critical one at the start of it all, one in which Abraham says, ?no,? to the way of life he?s been born to in order to say, ?yes,? to the uncertain, unproven promise of God. ?It is one of the great delusions of our day to suggest that you can have it all. ?You really can?t. ?No one can. ?At some point to say, ?yes?

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