Prayer On The Workplace Is A Touchy Subject

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YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS PRAYING FOR YOU Prayer in the workplace is a touchy subject in healthcare. We must respect all faiths or lack thereof by not imposing our own beliefs on the patients and families in our charge. Professional praying became a part of my workday many, many years ago. As a twenty-something registered nurse, my own faith was mostly undecided, but I was fairly sure of the Divine and prayed when I felt I or my loved ones needed it. Putting effort into my faith was another matter, as I only went to church about every other Easter. Early in my career, my faith, such as it was, became a part of my practice. A patient I will call Mrs. F was the catalyst or maybe it was God himself. I will let you decide. The OR suite was cold as usual, but under the impervious garb of gown, hat, mask, and gloves my body was uncomfortably warm. Moisture was visible under the latex gloves covering my hands as I quickly placed the needed instruments on the mayo stand; the tray draped with sterile coverings that would hold the tools of my trade. In my head I went through the steps of draping, incision, and exposure of the deep abdominal operative site to make sure that all necessary instruments were immediately available. As I went through this last mental checklist, the sound of the gurney rolling in the suite was at my back, along with the reassuring comments my colleagues gave the patient. ‘We will take good care of you,’ ‘we will make sure your family knows how you

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