Prayer Service At A Local Place Of Worship

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Friday is observed as the public day of prayer in which all men are required to attend prayer service at a local place of worship, if they are able, “women are not expected to attend the service as they are upheld as caretakers of home and family.” This Friday service is the ceremony that I attended. It was pointed out by the woman who acted as our guide that, “Friday is equivalent to a Jews Saturday and a Christian’s Sunday.”
Islamic prayer is a systematic and beautifully executed form of worship. Standing, bowing, sitting, kneeling and prostrating oneself are all implemented in various phases of salat, these are part of a finely orchestrated ritual. The following phrases are chanted in succession during prayer, with afore mentioned intermittent bodily orientations; “In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe. Most gracious, most merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. You alone we worship, you alone we ask for help. Guide us in the right path; the path of those whom you blessed, not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers.” Consequently, these words and movements are repeated until the conclusion of prayer is attained. Emphasis is placed on charity to the poor in the Islamic religion. In the service I attended, importance of helping those in need was conveyed to the Muslims believers. Moreover, following the concluded service, while touring the facility, I noticed a sign directing parishioners as to…
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