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Over the years, there has been a very controversial debate on whether there should be prayer incorporated within the public schools; half the population votes no on the topic. Many individuals feel that allowing prayer services within the schools will be offensive and time consuming. A common fear among the people is that there would not be an equal way to recognize everyone’s religion. There would be even more controversy as to which religions should be taught, in what manner, and it’s a very big possibility that one person’s religion may offend someone else’s which would simply cause even more controversy.
It is argued that there isn’t a way for every religion to be recognized within the public schools to accommodate everyone
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It becomes very complicated, and there just isn’t enough time in the day for it. In the United States, school is held five days a week for seven hours a day, for one hundred eighty days of each year. There simply isn’t enough time for schools to be holding prayer services in order to meet everyone’s religious needs. Teachers are given a certain amount of information that needs to be covered, taught, and learned by the end of each year. Based off of how little time there is, it just wouldn’t be practical.
Acknowledging religious beliefs also creates diversity among students. By addressing everyone’s faith, it can create a bad sense of discrimination among students. Secular Humanists believe that it’s very possible that by having discussions and prayer services within the school system, it can create walls and barriers between the children and make clicks even stronger than they are already. This may introduce differences amongst the children that were not necessarily noticeable or known before hand. Prayer is often times looked at as a public issue that should be handled privately. Other individuals have a different on opinion on the matter and feel that having prayer in school would be a positive attribute. In 1962, there was the Engle decision which focused on “Taking God out of the classroom.” Many, often times religious conservative groups, have been fighting for a passage

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