`` Prayers For The Stolen `` By Jennifer Clement

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Illegal activities in the community have various forms like stealing, kidnapping or selling drugs. While both the village in “Prayers For The Stolen” a novel by Jennifer Clement and my country, Vietnam, have those illegal activities in common, they still have differences in kinds and means. What are the differences between these two places? The drug dealers in the novel kidnapped young girls with force and they weren’t afraid of alerting the government. At the beginning of the novel, mothers had to make their daughters become ugly, so they wouldn’t be kidnapped. They even had to dig holes to hide their daughters. Who would steal their daughters from them? The drug dealer would. These outlaws would run into other people’s houses with guns in their hands and kidnap young and beautiful girls whenever they wanted, then sold them like packages to other big cities or other countries. Shooting and killing seemed normal to them. A dead body was dropped near the Ladydi’s house to warn that they were coming to get Paula. With their guns around, they even shot Ladydi’s house, just to scare her mother and force her to tell where her daughter was. They were willing to take down army helicopters if those helicopters got near to their poppy fields. While both drug dealers in the novel and human traffickers in my country kidnap people, human traffickers in my country have different ways to commit crimes without shooting and alerting the government. There were a lot of cases which young

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