Prayers Won't Help Keep Us Warm

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Mears went inside the hut, Mr. Mears went down to his knees and began to pray, which triggered the response from Kezia, “Prayers won't keep you warm
” (Raddall 19). Mr. Mears was “amazed at the change in her” (Raddall 19). This is significant as this is the first time Kezia shows a different identity, one that allows her to be in control, something that she could not do before when she was living with the Barclay family. Raddall writes, “Kezia was surprised at herself” (Raddall 20). Kezia is astonished by her action; that she was able to say what she said to Mr. Mears. Moreover, Kezia is surprised by her capacity for change. Kezia realizes that she can do so much more to be able to control her surroundings, and possibly evade a marriage she does not want to be a part of. Kezia is also surprised by her development, and her potential for further development. As Kezia is telling Mr. Mears what to do, she expresses her new self, Raddall writes, “'Put your arms around me' commanded the new Kezia, and he obeyed” (Raddall 20). Kezia again shows the development of her new identity. She is being more dominant, instead of being quiet like how she was before. Something was holding her back from speaking her mind, and doing the things she wanted to do, and she is slowly breaking away from that. She is exerting the new power she has over Mr. Mears, and it makes her feel in control. Eventually, Kezia's realizes that she cannot be forced into something she does not…
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