Praying For Sheetrock By Ben Alston

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In the book Praying for Sheetrock, the story of Ben Alston and Sheriff Tom Tom is about a fight between greed and equality. Tom wants to keep his power that he obtained because of nepotism and has maintained by keeping the Blacks and Whites of McIntosh County separated. Ben wants to level the playing field for the Black Community. What is interesting about these two contradicting characters is that their fight is applicable to a lot of battles for equality today.
Even though Sherriff Tom was a white man who had grown up in Darien, he did not share the same values that the rest of the white citizens of the county did. In the end of chapter one, Greene wrote that most of the citizens in Darien did not miss slavery, but instead “they honor the time before slavery before Africans touched foot on the land.”(Melissa Greene Pg. 19) rather than focusing on the past and vigorously trying to maintain the separation between the races, Tom does not really care, or at least as much as the others do, about a person’s skin color. The only thing that Tom is interested in is money as stated on page fourteen. The Sheriff does not share the same values because he has discovered that by being more inclusive he can maintain his political power and expand his legal and illegal endeavors. In contrast, Ben Alston does share the same values and objectives that the rest of the black community in McIntosh County have. ”They don’t even understand what he was trying to do for them, how he poured his…

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