Praying For Sheetrock By Melissa Fay Greene

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Praying for Sheetrock by Melissa Fay Greene is the recount of McIntosh County citizen’s lives during the 1970s. The two focal characters with power are McIntosh’s Sheriff Tom Poppell and Thurnell Alston. Throughout the novel Greene illustrates the link between a persons’ strive for power and their strong political influence. Greene also outlines the burdens that the black community endured until they ultimately earned a spot for Thurnell as County Commission. As a poor black man, Thurnell’s ultimate undoing was his failure to acknowledge his limitations and instead always tried to exceed the black community’s expectations. Even though the black community fights for equal representation and their civil rights, they are not the main priority. Power is the ultimate goal for both Tom Poppell and Thurnell, and the only way to hold onto their authority is to assert their dominance in the county’s local committee offices. Politics and power collide in McIntosh County eventually causing corruption within both racial communities by allowing their leaders to give way to illegal operations, political bosses, and other’s demands. For decades the small isolated town of McIntosh had been ruled by a few, specifically the Poppell family. When outsiders drove by the area they described it by the abundant amount of the local flora and fauna, but hidden inside the community was political corruption. The county is unusual when compared to other southern cities due to the peace between

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