Prc Nursing Research Questions

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Nursing Questions
(1) Most of the nursing assistants are (a) immigrants
(b) Blacks, Hispanics and immigrants
(c) Reside only in bad neighborhood
(d) Old retired women.
(2) The nurse immediate action for patient admitted with Alzheimer/Dementia disease will be:
(a) Assess level of orientation
(b) Put the bed alarm on and ask God why.
(c) Put her in the sitter room and restraint her.
(3) The nurse admitted a patient with low blood level of 7.5/24.5. The doctor ordered to transfuse PRBC of one unit, five to ten minutes after transfusion patient started itching all over complain of chill and hives. The first immediate reaction of the RN will be:
(a) Tell the patient that this is normal and will stop at the end of the transfusion.
(b) Call the charge
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