Pre-American Consensus Making

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Consensus Building For a Purpose
“Every group makes decisions. A group of friends may decide what movie to watch, a car sharing group decides how long someone can use a shared vehicle, a credit union decides what interest rate to offer its depositors. The larger and more formal the organization, the more formal their decision-making procedure is likely to be.” (Bressen)
The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the most well-known historical documents in America. Despite their importance, we rarely reflect on an essential word they mutually specify: Unanimous. Tracing these documents back through time, opens the doors and shows how deliberate these documents were when they were written. Since Pre-America, the original thirteen colonies, started one of the first American consensus building processes in our country's short history. Through a unanimous stronghold, these documents were created and established to change the future of the nation. These documents were not hastily crafted, but rather …show more content…

Force Field Analysis and the Affinitiy Model were cast aside early due to their lack of structure.
The Force Field Analysis was originally considered due to the simplicity of the model, which includes generating driving forces (pros) and restraining forces (cons). While this model allows stakeholders to graphically see which side of the coin has more contributing forces,it doesn’t present a clear process from start to finish.
The Affinity Model allows the group to move beyond its habitual thinking and preconceived categories. (Tague 96) This tool once again provides a lack of full process knowledge. I feel both of these models can be used in conjunction with other models as they serve a prescribed purpose in the idea generation process of solving many

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