Pre And Post Assessments On The Assessment Plan

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See attachments submitted with this task. Pre and post-assessments are found in the, “My Math, third grade, volume 1, teachers edition”, published by McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill, 2013). B.1.b. In the assessment plan there are several different ways that the students are assessed. A pre-assessment will be given to assess what the students already know about subtraction. During instruction the teacher will be walking around the classroom, when the student are doing their independent practice. The teacher will be taking antidotal notes on who understands and who is struggling. This will be another form of assessment. After instruction the students will receive homework to practice the skill taught that day. This will be returned the next day…show more content…
B.2. Some adaptations that will be made for some students are the amount of problems they have to do on their homework. Looking at the individual needs of the student the teacher may reduce the amount of problems that are required by some students with special needs. This will be considered for students with processing delays so they will not be doing hours of homework after school. An adaptation for students who struggle with reading is to have the instruction and story problems read out loud to them. This will help them understand what is being asked. It will also level the field for all the students. Another adaption will be extended time. All students will be given the opportunity to complete the assessment. Students who do not complete the assessment in the time allowed in class will be pulled to the back table to work until the assessment is completed. B.3. To align the learning goals, objectives, and assessments, I made sure that I first decided what needed to be taught and then wrote the learning goals. After the goals were written I decided what the students needed to learn to reach the goal. The things the students needed to learn to reach the goal became the objectives. I wrote different objectives for each goal. With each objective that was taught I had assessments that the students took
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