Pre Ap World History II

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Shelby Thomas
Mrs. Voorhees
Pre-AP World History II
10 March 2017
Adolf Eichmann
On March 19th, 1944, Lieutenant Colonel Karl Adolf Eichmann, stood at the head of one-hundred and forty military vehicles. It was his twenty-eighth birthday. On this day, he was doing no other than finding Hungary’s 750,000 Jewish individuals; deciding if anyone was physically fit to be transferred to labor camps or to be executed on the spot. Contrary to popular belief, Karl Adolf Eichmann was the enforcer of the Holocaust because militarily he was executing The Final Solution.
During World War One, Adolf Eichmann lived a pretty ordinary life. His family moved from Rhineland, Germany to Linz, Austria; because his father received a superior position at his
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He quickly moved up in the party’s heicharch. Eichmann accomplished this because he made Jewish matters become his matters. He quickly started studying Hebrew and took trips to Palestine. (Brager, 1) Furthermore, this would aid him in the future, as his power grows stronger in the Nazi Party.
On March 12th, 1938, Germany invades Austria, the small country in which; Karl Adolf Eichmann is from. The fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, announces an anschluss with the small country of Austria. (,1) This is the day that Colonel Eichmann gained responsibility of the SS
(Nazi German Schutzstaffel) unit in Austria that controlled emigration. This unit was well-known for their Jewish looting and throwing Jewish individuals out of the country. (Brager,1) He was in charge of Jewish affairs for eight years and was not the chief of department IVB. This department was in charge of executing Adolf Hitler’s final solution. Karl was the head of all of this, he was executing these plans. Neal Bascomb’s book ‘The Nazi Hunters’ points out that Eichmann measured his success in: schedules met quotas filled, and units moved. He would perfect his methods in many countries such as: Austria (in which he began), Italy,the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and many more. But now it was Hungary’s turn. His method was requiescence and simple. First, he would isolate the Jewish individuals in the country that his SS unit was in. The Jewish people had to wear
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