Pre Assessment Quantitative And Qualitative Data Essay

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Combined approach. Once the data from both the quantitative component and qualitative component had been summarized, the two sets of results were compared. The pre-assessment quantitative and qualitative data sets were reviewed to look for convergence. The two post-assessment data sets were similarly reviewed. The changes from pre- to post-assessment were reviewed together to look for similarities, differences, anomalies, and possible future areas of study. Additionally, the data as a whole was considered to determine what descriptive narrative it implied.
Differences. The original research design underwent some changes to adapt to the changing situation with the organization.
Participant demographics. The class was designed based on having a larger percentage of internally promoted employees in class. While the majority of new managers in class were internal promotions, they were not the majority of the overall class population, due to a couple unexpected non-manager participants. This likely skewed the results, due to both the data gathered from the unexpected participants and to the change in experience the target participants had, having non-target population members in attendance.
Additionally, a larger participant group was anticipated overall. Due to scheduling conflicts (specifically summer vacations), and to an unexpected slowdown in promotions and hires, two scheduled classes were cancelled and the overall participant number dropped to less than half of what was
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