Pre-Call Essay

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Pre- call Your best results will depend on your preparation. Use any resources you have available to learn: Managers names What the organization does Recent positive news of the organization Events they have worked with in the past. Facebook, the Internet, some of your friends and social networking might provide some answers. You want to sound informed when you make these calls. You will also need to document the names of people you speak with as well as the date/time of the call. Names are important. When you finally reach the decision maker it sounds more professional to name the individual you last spoke with. Do not dig further. You may have called 15 times and this is the one time that Susan gave you the name. It…show more content…
When you sit down with the list begin at the top and dial each one in sequence. Be sure to have paper close so you can take down any notes you need to. I use my laptop and just open a word processor. I type in any notes I need to make and then triple space as I dial the next number. You should have your planner close at hand. You need to schedule your call backs, follow through and appointments to meet and share your brochure. Or send literature to the individual scheduling a call back when they have had a chance to review it. Set yourself up a mini score sheet. Hash mark each time you dial. In another column hash mark each time you get through to the decision maker, or are able to communicate your message. Hash mark any that were set up for a call back. Finally, hash mark all that just said no. After a few phone sessions these hash markings will give you an idea of your personal averages. Personal averages can be a motivator when you sit down to your cold call sessions. Hearing “no thank you” often is normal. Remember how you respond to cold sales calls. It is just a no. Do not take it personal. Eventually you will be able to calculate an average. You will know how many “no” responses you will get before you find those who are receptive. Set up an alarm to go off in one hour. Spending too much time on cold calls gets boring and a magician can easily start to hint frustration in the tone of
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