Pre Colonial Virginia Stephen

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Christined Adeline Virginia Stephen and born to Sir Leslie Stephen and Julia Prinsep Duckworth Stephen on the 25th day of January, 1882, Virginia was the third child of the couple after Vanessa (1879) and Julian (1880), and before Adrian (1883). As the couple was into their second nuptial relationship, they both had children from their previous marriage— George, Gerald and Stella from Julia's; Laura from Leslie's. They all lived together at 22 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington. Leslie was an academician with connections with William Thackeray, his father-in-law from his former marriage. Julia was the neice of Julia Margaret Cameron and the women in her family had served as a models for pre-Raphaelite painters. Clearly, both the parents were important figures in the Victorian literary circle.…show more content…
Julian and Adrian were sent to Cambridge for seeking education while Virginia was not. Leslie taught her at home and encouraged her to read more and more. As a child, she was sexually abused by her half-brothers, George and Gerald. This has been unravelled from her autobiographical works, A Sketch of the Past and 22 Hyde Park Gate. The visits of renowned literary figures, fellows from Cambridge, and books from the family's well-stacked library gave her an intellectual bent of mind. Her mother's death in 1895 led to her first nervous breakdown and caused anorexia in her. Her education was halted for two years after Julia's death because her doctor believed that her brain was using up all essential nutrients and making her lean and sickly. However, she continued on with her books. Between 1897 and 1901, she studied Greek, German, History and Latin in King's College London. The deaths of Stella, her surrogate mother and Julian sucked her into a vortex of depression. Leslie's death in 1904 gave Virginia another jolt from which recovery did not seem easy. Nervous disorder caused her to be briefly institutionalised in 1910, 1912 and
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