Pre Contemplation And Contemplation Stages

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In the context of the Stages of Change theory, for a community to fully embrace a new technology its members must recognize the benefits of the change that technology brings. For this study, the understanding (Pre-contemplation and contemplation stages) is developed through communication to the community about the technology through workshops and through the promotora community outreach model. In Westwood, cognizance is developed through a two tiered plan. The first component is encouraging awareness for the problems the community faces through the directed questions during appraisal. This step necessitates participants to articulate what they see as problems within their community which encourages thought and pre-conception. This step relies on developing cognition and an evaluative process. The second component involves infusing awareness of the benefit of the technology into the community through distributed literature, presentations, promotora outreach and loaner demonstration units given to volunteer households. The preparation for this study is originated through planned community workshops where the community will be trained how to construct and use the technology effectively. Action will occur when community members begin to construct and install their own devices. Maintenance in the context of this study will be represented by the community’s protraction of use indicated by the heaters being re-used for a second winter season.
The Stages of Change model is a…
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