Pre Contemplation At The Time

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Pre-contemplation At the time there was nothing in my life that offered me the drive to do any major changes in my lifestyle. If there was a circumstance where change for the better is necessary, I had no knowledge where to begin. Would I have to randomly terminate the particular behavior simultaneously? Would it be accomplished gradually? Would it be done in a time frame? The not knowing where to commence is one large cause of the behavior not being fixed. In addition, among school, school work, and helping my nephew with his homework, even if I would change something my time each day is restricted. In order to have time I would have to discontinue helping my nephew, since it would not be a worthy idea to neglect my studies. I could use the breaks I take in between class material. However, this means my relaxing moments would be absent. I would not have any inkling as to how long it would take to correct my unwanted behavior. I would have to schedule my days around changing the behavior. I feel that this would become problematic quickly especially since those around me adore last minute plans. As a whole, it seems the task of changing a behavior would be time consuming and difficult in my perspective. Therefore, it is a high possibility nothing is going to be changed.
Contemplation Thoughts of altering the behavior finally reemerged after the introduction to the Behavior Change Model. I started contemplating how much stress I have been under and how it was effecting…
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