Pre Course Work - Trainer And Delegates

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1. Pre-course work – trainer and delegates Trainer – Familiarise yourself with the content of this session and other brain friendly principles 2. Preparation Room layout: Cabaret Equipment required: Flipchart paper and pens Sweets IPads Smelly spray Balls Table props Post it notes 3. Resources Presentation required: Yes Additional materials required: Learning Quotes Delegate feeling cards BFL principles 4. Timetable Topic Time Welcome 09.00 – 09.10 What is brain friendly learning 09.10 – 09.30 Senses 09.30 – 09.50 State is everything 09.50 – 10.35 BREAK 10.35 – 10.45 Other brain friendly learning principles 10.45 – 11.45 Close 11.45 – 12.10…show more content…
Please pick . 5. Ask “What can this do to the delegates learning?” Ask – “Why did you chose that particular one?” Responses you are looking for • Switch off • Become bored • Cause frustration • Overload of information 6. Explain with this in mind we are going to explore for the next few hours how we can make technical training more brain friendly. The best way to learn about brain friendly learning is to see it happen. As we go throughout today I will be using different brain friendly learning techniques. 7. Point out to delegates the graffiti wall, as you feel a brain friendly technique is being used feel free to write, draw, scribble what it was. 8. Point out today’s objectives that were on the floor as they walked in • What is brain friendly learning and why is it important • Understand the principles of brain friendly learning • Explore how these principles can be used in future sessions 9. Ask for any questions Delegate feelings cards Pre-prepared flipchart 20mins What is Brain Friendly Learning? (20 minutes) 1. Reveal slide and play video 2. Activity: Put delegates into groups and ask them as a team to draw in pictures what they learnt from the video. 3. Ask delegates to share and explain their drawings, drawing out and discussing the following - Stressed brains do not learn - Brains like multimedia
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