Pre Diabetic : Is The Verge Of Having Type 2 Diabetes

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The individual used in this paper was a 56-year-old female that is pre-diabetic but is on the verge of having type 2 diabetes. The individual has been dealing with diabetes for the last 4 years. She stated that she was placed on Metformin 3 years ago to help control blood glucose levels. The individual states that she did not take her Metformin like she was suppose to and was having trouble keeping her A1C down. She stated that her primary care physician recommended she tried to control her blood glucose through diet and exercise and if she was able to do this she would be able to get of the Metformin. The individual decided that she would start a diet and exercise program that she found through a local hospital. After being on the diet and exercise plan for 9 months the individual was able to lose 30 pounds and for the first time in 2 years was able to get of Metformin. The individual stated that her A1C test score fell to 5.7%, which she stated her physician said she was on the boarder line of normal. She stated that in order to stay off Metformin she would have to keep A1C percent down. After a few months of being of Metformin the individual stated that she injured her knee and she relapsed back to old habits. Over the last 4 months the individual states she has put on 20-30 pounds and her A1C % is up to 6.1% and is now back on Metformin. When asked about how she perceived what it meant to be healthy she stated that being healthy was not being over weight,

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