Essay on Pre-Empting Liability in the School System

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In today’s society many school officials are being sued in the court of law. It is very important for educators and administrators to understand the legal duties and responsibilities they face. School is to be a safe place for parents to send their children and it is the duty of the teachers, administrators, and personnel to make sure this happen. Many liability issues deals with school safety, unintentional torts, liability and negligence, supervision duties, FERPA, and student record confidentiality. In our school district there are many preventive measures to curtail the need for lawsuits. According to the Arizona Professional Administrators Standard 2, the administrator facilitates the success of all students by understanding, …show more content…
The staff makes sure that hazardous material or objects are not visible to the students and they are safely stored away. At the bus stop, there is always a person on bus duty when the students arrive at school and at the end of the day. Since there has been a reduction in force (RIF), there is no assistant teacher in K-3 grades which consist of a class size of twenty –four to twenty-five students with one teacher in the room. Even with this adjustment, the district still maintains safety and supervision to avoid unintentional tort.
While the students are at school the teachers and administrators act in place of the parents, which is defined as in loco parentis, so therefore negligence is a big concern to avoid injuries to the students. The school prevents neglect by foreseeing the action before it happen. This is done by close supervision of disruptive behavior, closely monitoring gang activities, and bullying. We have had a few cases of negligence but none could be proven by the parents of courts. The best solution to this issue is the documentation that is kept on particular incidents on campus. The faculty and school employees works together to prevent negligence at the school. The district has found this collectiveness to be very beneficial to the school’s district and applause their employees for their dedication to prevent the liability. According to
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